Have you noticed that ACR seems to be involved in the leasing, buying and selling of a number of restaurants on Amelia Island? This is not by accident. Phil and Janet, owners of ACR, are experienced restaurateurs. They successfully owned... and operated a restaurant in Girdwood Alaska for nearly 25 years. With little more than a credit card and an idea, Phil started Chair 5 in 1983. It is now a famous restaurant at Alaska's premier ski resort, Alyeska. In the early years, through many trials and tribulations, including a fire and disastrous partnership, Phil ran Chair 5 alone. In 1989, Janet joined the effort, and together they built Chair 5 into the local institution that it is today. They sold it in 2001, and it is still going strong. So if anyone out there is interested in opening, selling, leasing, or buying a restaurant, ACR is the place to start. You won't find any other realtor that has our hard won experience.

Check out Chair 5!