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Fernandina's Unwieldy Land Development Code

There is something seriously wrong with the Land Development Code when a property owner is required to spend $650 or more, file paperwork, wait 3 weeks and appear at a public hearing just to obtain basic legal rights to use their property. Wednesday nigh... Read more

ACR: Your Restaurant Experts!

Have you noticed that ACR seems to be involved in the leasing, buying and selling of a number of restaurants on Amelia Island? This is not by accident. Phil and Janet, owners of ACR, are experienced restaurateurs. They successfully owned... and operated a... Read more

Welcome Chef Kenny!

Amelia Coastal Realty is proud to announce that local and world renowned Chef Kenny Gilbert will soon open his first restaurant on Amelia Island. ACR has been instrumental in making this happen, and we welcome Chef Kenny with open arms. Check it out in ... Read more

Why Should ACR List Your Commercial Property?

For marketing properties, ACR does things quite a bit differently than most real estate companies. Most agents engage in what we consider "passive" marketing where they stick out a sign, place the listing info in the Multiple Listing Service an... Read more

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