For marketing properties, ACR does things quite a bit differently than most real estate companies.  Most agents engage in what we consider "passive" marketing where they stick out a sign, place the listing info in the Multiple Listing Service and call it good. Our mission is to actively pursue a tenant/buyer for our listings rather than passively market.  As such we spend time analyzing who the potential buyers/tenants could be, and what the property could be, not what it is today.  We consider whether it can it be more valuable with up zoning or repurposing to a different use.  Most agents, tenants and buyers only see what is physically there today.  We try to portray a property as what a property could be at its highest and best use.  We actively seek out tenants and buyers for properties by contacting companies looking to expand, contacting agents that we have worked with or discussed prior deals with and send out blast emails when a property is put on the market.  By networking with agents who are active in the business we often put deals together by "accident".  These really are not accidents but do not come about from passive marketing.  Our company has a sharp focus and we use tools that other companies only partly use.  Our focus is Nassau County small commercial so we use web based, local and regional marketing to cover the area and network.  This includes:

  • MLS system - Large nationals are not members so they don't network with local residential agents that often help family members start a business
  • Loopnet - Amelia Coastal Realty is a premium member - This means that our listings are shown to all viewers.  Non premium content is only shown in limited viewing to people who register
  • CoStar - We are a premium member of CoStar - This gives our listings access and viewing to national companies and more importantly to tenant reps who are seeking space on behalf of their clients
  • Chamber of Commerce - Our membership as the only local commercial broker means that we are called  first when someone comes to the area for expansion or a new business. 
  • Nassau County Economic Development Board - As a member of this private investment group we are privy to companies coming into the area and networked with the industry players here.
  • Reputation - When residential agents or many small business owners are asked who to talk to we are proud to say that the name “Phil Griffin” comes up on a regular basis as the local expert on commercial property.  As a frequent writer of Letters to the Editor of the local paper people know that Phil stands up for business interests and property rights.  He is known for being the instigator of the lawsuit against the City of FB charging water impact fees.  The court ruled in favor of the businesses who filed the suit, resulting in the return of $1.8 Million to small businesses and developers that were illegally paid these fees. 

In short we actively work to procure tenants and buyers for our properties so that they are money makers instead of a ball and chain around an owner’s neck.  Every property has some value and some use and we use our skills to extract the maximum value that is attainable for the owner.  It is easy to blame the economy or external forces but quite often there is a specific reason such as condition, location, zoning, configuration or cost of use that leaves one building vacant while others are leased or sold quickly.  Many owners have an emotional attachment to a property based on its former value when a buyer or tenant is only concerned with its future or present value.  This often leads to a disconnect in pricing to the detriment of the owner.  We at ACR objectively and skillfully ascertain the best use for our commercial listings, giving owners maximum return on their investment.

If you’re ready for the local experts to help you with your commercial property call us today.